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I went over my friend’s house today and his older sister was openly scrolling on her [tumblr] dash

which was totally clean and non-nudity and all fashion and beyonce and etc
definitely nothing to be ashamed of when opening ya dash in public places

she asked me if I had one and I told her I ain’t even know what tumblr was.

bruh do i feel this

i barely even mention tumblr in public.

I’m always impressed when I see someone browsing Tumblr in public.

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Anonymous asked: My foot Feels kinda numb after taking a nap, is there something wrong with me? What do you thinks wrong?


Your foot is asleep. It is accepting the lies the matriarchy is telling us and has been lulled into a false sense of security. Tell your foot it needs to wake up. Misandry is real, brother foot, and it is coming for you.

Wake up, footmerica.

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